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Personal Reflections

November 2, 2017

Dear IMSA Family,

Just as my last Personal Reflection was a little different in that I focused on our recent athletic accomplishments, this Reflection mostly focuses on my recent trip to Puerto Rico. But first, I am pleased and proud to announce that on Monday, October 30, IN2 was named a Chicago Innovation 2017 Award winner for the People’s Choice Award. IN2 Steve and Jamie Chen Center for Innovation & Inquiry opened in 2017 as a model for U.S. education that empowers young people to transform their ideas into reality and solutions to the complex social challenges of our time through entrepreneurship and innovation. See the new IN2 website and also learn more about the award here.

Many of you are aware of how Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. What you may or may not know is that I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and most of my family and my wife’s family still live there. In October, I took personal and vacation time to support my family and the Department of Education on the island. Many of you have asked me how my trip was. Bill McGrail did an excellent job piecing together my pictures with a video that I made of my experience. For those of you interested, please see the video.

On October 21, over 80 volunteers, including IMSA students joined Puerto Rico Rises in Aurora for a donation drive led by Janette Rosario and Betty Hart. Thank you to our students and to Janette and Betty for their leadership service. Betty informed me that we received a generous cash (coin) donation from students from their penny drive and collected $200 from the Zumbathon, led by Betty. Those who would like to donate, may do so online.

In my Personal Reflection of September 29, I wrote about other ways that you can get involved. See Reflection here.

Many thanks for your support and your interest.


José M. Torres, PhD