Professional Development Workshops - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Professional Development Workshops

Instructional Strategy Sample Workshops:

Teaching with a Full Deck: Card Sorts

Use Your Noodle – Tips from Neuroscience to Sauce up Your Lessons

Cool Observations that lead to Hot Questions

STEM Integration: Statistics is the Connection

Math-based Sample Workshops:

Back to Basics: Mathematical Play

Context is Critical: 6th-12th Grade Three Act Math Tasks

Context is Critical: K-5th Grade Three-Act Math Tasks

STEM Storytelling: Using Picture Books to Integrate Mathematics – “Dare to Tinker”

STEM Storytelling: Using Picture Books to Integrate Mathematics – “Who Lives Here?”

Understanding Mathematics Through Nonverbal Communication

It’s a Wrap: Investigate the concepts of surface area, measurement, ratio and proportion through a visual and kinesthetic mathematical investigation.

Problem-Based Mathematics: You Reap What You Sow

Pipelines and Oil Spills! : Probability and Ratios

The Growth of Uncertainty: One Grain of Rice – Exponential vs Linear Growth

Quadratic Functions: As Simple As A, B, C

Mathematicians Take Risks

Exploration Geometry: Hands-On Transformations

Science-based Sample Workshops

Little Changes: Evolving Your Lessons with Kid-Friendly Text and Inquiry Activities

Wind Energy

“To Infinity and Beyond” – Exploring ways to teach an abstract concept

Is it all Just Random? – Probability and Genetics

Forensic Metallurgy – A Challenge in Basic Measurements

Building Stonehenge: Engineering Science

Engineering with Reinforced Concrete: Material Science

Building a Microbial Fuel Cell

Don’t overdose the patient: A unit conversion literacy project

You are My Density

Daphnia Magna And Water Monitoring