Residence Life Curriculum - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Residence Life Curriculum

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Residential Life Curriculum is to promote the development of students as ethical leaders and responsible community members. The curriculum focuses on the growth of the whole student by integrating intellectual, social-emotional, and philosophical lessons through personalized learning experiences. This personalized approach is designed to meet the needs of IMSA’s diverse student population. The learning experiences are grounded in an eclectic approach to student development theory. These learning experiences will provide opportunities for the development of life skills that are necessary for students self-actualization.

Department Goals

The goals of the IMSA Residential Life Department are to:

  • create safe, healthy, and nurturing living-learning communities designed to enhance the continual learning process that takes place intentionally and naturally outside of the classroom;
  • provide learning experiences that foster on-going leadership development and application of life skills;
  • assist students with identifying their developmental and ethical awareness needs; setting goals with action plans; and monitoring their growth in each of these areas;
  • encourage students to progress through their development at a personal pace that is congruent with their background and culture;
  • implement and evaluate performance assessment that provide feedback on individual student progress towards residential life learning standards and the student’s personal goals;
  • encourage students to build and maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults in a climate of mutual respect and trust;
  • demonstrate, by words, actions, and examples, progress with ethical decision-making and personal development.

Unifying Concepts and Processes

The Residential Life Curriculum provides an environment where living and learning meet. The unifying concepts and processes assist students in establishing a lifestyle which will enable them to reach their full potential as lifelong learners. They also serve to connect the central ideas identified in the IMSA Residential Life Learning Standards and act as organizers in the curriculum development process.

We believe that life experiences create different learning opportunities and that each student brings to our learning environment his or her own developmental processes. The primary objective of the Residential Life Curriculum therefore, is to assist students in personal development and growth. We do this through exposure to a wide variety of lifestyles, activities, programs, and people. Student development strategies are applied in a broad  manner to allow for personal adaptation to the concepts and processes. Timely assessment, evaluation, and feedback of the student’s behavior is essential to determining personal growth.