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Time Sheets

The Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5ILCS 430/subsection 5-5; the “Act”) was adopted February 1, 2004.  The Act outlines parameters of ethical conduct for all state employees, including general ethical conduct, ethics training, prohibited political activity, public contributions on state property, gift ban, whistle blower protection, and work time reporting guidelines. Under the Act, all employees are required to submit time sheets of hours spent each day performing state business to the nearest quarter hour. Because of IMSA’s unique legislative mandate as a State agency, funded under the BHE, yet serving as a secondary educational institution, the Act’s applicability to IMSA was not immediately clear. However, our FY05 audit established that IMSA is subject to the Act, and that all IMSA faculty and staff are required to submit timesheets. Below is the link to IMSA’s online timesheet that all full and part-time staff are required to fill out and submit on a weekly basis.