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Power UP!

On October 13th, IMSA Energy Center hosted Power UP during Career’s in Energy Week. Middle and high school schools from around the Chicago land region had the opportunity to explore energy, sustainability and careers within energy.

Schedule of the conference:

  1. Sustainability Walk
  2. Conference Kick Off
  3. Keynote Speaker – Ramez Naam
  4. “What if…?” Talks
  5. College Careers Choices Forum
  6. Raffle and Giveaways
  7. Company Expo and Exhibition

The Sustainability Walk featured many of IMSA’s sustainability features such as wind turbines, solar panels, efficient water fountain, Sodexo’s local purchasing program, Sodexo’s reusable take away containers, Robotics’ recycling effects, the green roof on the energy house and IMSA’s Energy Center.

The conference was kicked off by IMSA President Dr. Jose Torres and Commonwealth Edison’s Dr. Ross Hemphill. This was followed up the keynote speaker, Ramez Naam who addressed the issues of climate change, the growing renewable energy market and how can the young generation convert ideas into action.

The “What if…?” Talks featured IMSA Students Justin Orr and Tera Sparks. Justin Orr discussed the need to explore the opportunity of powering a car with multiple energy sources. Tera Sparks addressed the need for innovation by using quadcopters for thermal imaging. In addition, Exelon’s Executive Assistant to the Chief Nuclear Officer and Chief Operating Officer spoke about the future of nuclear energy and associated safety concerns.

The conference wrapped up with the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement’s College Careers Choices (CCC) Forum. The CCC Forum featured Emmy Riley, Juanita Garcia and Tina Balgeman. IMSA Alumni working within the diverse field of energy shared stories of college life, career development and choices made to achieve success.

In addition, throughout the conference, Power UP featured an energy expo showcasing Sodexo, Commonwealth Edison and IMSA’s Club Verno.

The conference was sponsored by Commonwealth Edison.