Application Troubleshooting FAQ’s

I started an application last year but it won’t let me log in this year?

Please use the students’ email addresses for the application email and username. The username will always be entered as “”. Any password resets, email communication from IMSA, and reminder emails will all use this same email address. You can click “Already have an account?” white button at the bottom of the application portal to log in this year. Password resets can be requested from that page as well.

I got an error message saying my request cannot be completed and an administrator has been contacted-

This error message can occur for a few different reasons:

  • You signed up for an event- An admissions counselor can enable your account for you if an email did not get sent from the password reset request button
  • You have created an application in the past with a different email address- Please try the other email address and request a password reset first.

You should clear out any saved cookies/cached data from your browser on any device you have used our systems in before. Your browser is holding onto information that flags the security system in the application. You can also use an incognito or private browser to help with browser issues. Please note that in this case, “an Administrator has been contacted” means that an error message has gone to our site moderator and not the admissions staff. If you need assistance, you will need to reach out to admissions staff directly.

I received a confirmation email with a username different than my email?

If you accidentally started your application as a guest user, this can sometimes happen. That long “” can be changed to your email by the Admissions team to activate your account. You will need an activated account to access your application, the decision status, and submit any registration forms.

I forgot my password but the “Reset Password” isn’t sending anything to my email address?

Double-check that you entered in your username as your full email address and check any spam folders. If you still don’t receive anything within 10 minutes, reach out to the Admissions team. Typically this can happen if you have created multiple accounts within the system or if you created a guest account (see above).

I got an error message saying my username or password was incorrect-

This can happen if you have used multiple tabs, devices, or have reset your password without closing the window and clearing out cookies/cached data after. Be sure to enter your full email address as the username.

I started an application earlier, but want to go back to it/I started an application but now it is empty-

You should be able to click back into your same application and pick up where you left off at any time. This issue can happen if:

  • You resubmitted Section 1 of the application
  • Had multiple tabs open to the application when you began
  • You have multiple accounts in our system

If you go to the Application home screen, select the first box to “Start an Application”. If your application isn’t displaying properly or if it shows two applications in the “Application Status” section, please call the admissions team to clear out the one that was started in error before moving forward.

How can I see if a teacher has submitted the evaluation, resend evaluations, and check SAT submissions?

From the home screen, you can click on “Application Status” to see which teachers have submitted evaluations if your SAT scores have been received, or to resend evaluations. This is also where admissions decisions will be posted.

My teacher/counselor says they have not received the evaluation email-

Please check the email addresses are correct in your application. Once you save section 10, the request will be sent within minutes. Have them check their spam folders as some school firewalls block our email. New firewall protections due to Covid are being used by some schools that alter the contents of our email links. In this case, they should copy and paste the link into their browser instead of clicking the link directly.  If they still haven’t received it or experience issues, an admissions counselor can send it directly.

To Contact and Admissions Team member:
Call (630) 907-5028,   M-F 8:00 AM -4:30 PM:
Please leave a voicemail to receive a call-back. Due to Covid, the admissions team only has one remote phone line.