Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

Our Supporters

The IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education works with students, parents, alumni, students, parents, Board members, foundations and corporations to raise funds to support for IMSA’s immediate and ongoing needs that are not otherwise funded by the state.  It is only through these partnerships that IMSA is able to fulfill its mission. We are deeply grateful to the entire “IMSA family” that supports IMSA.


The success of IMSA depends on donations at every level, coming from those who are closest to IMSA. Thank you to the record-breaking 2,007 donors who supported the IMSA Fund in the 2014-15 fiscal year!

Annual Report

The IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education publishes an annual report for its operating fiscal year, July 1 - June 30. The annual report recognizes donors, showcases some of the programs and services they support, and reports financial information. We invite you to read these reports and see how corporations, foundations, and individuals support and advance IMSA's work to benefit Illinois and beyond.

Honor Roll of Donors

The IMSA Fund’s Honor Roll of Donors recognizes the generous support of our donors by annual giving levels each fiscal year. The Giving Clubs listed below were established to fulfill our commitment to thank and acknowledge our donors in a timely and appropriate manner and to nurture a lifelong relationship between you and IMSA.

Titans ($100,000 +)
Founder's Circle ($50,000 +)
Trailblazers ($25,000 + )
Pioneers ($10,000 +)
Benefactors ($5,000 +)
President's Society ($2,500 +)       
Innovators ($1,000 +)       
Ambassadors ($500 +)      
Patrons ($250 +)          
Associates ($100 +)         
Supporters (up to $99)    

Kaleidoscope Society

The Kaleidoscope Society was created to recognize lifetime giving of $10,000 or more. Donors at this level of support have shown consistent and significant appreciation for IMSA and its students, projects, and many programs offered throughout the state.  In addition to the listing below, we showcase Kaleidoscope Society members by displaying their name on the donor wall at IMSA's main entrance by giving level.  The established donor recognition levels are as follows:

Cyan Society ($5,000,000+)
Magenta Society ($2,500,000+)
Violet Society ($1,000,000+)
Indigo Society ($500,000+)
Blue Society ($250,000+)
Green Society ($100,000+)
Yellow Society ($50,000+)
Orange Society ($25,000+)
Red Society ($10,000+)

Muon Society

The Muon Society honors donors who have notified us that they have created a gift to IMSA through their estate plans (including bequests, trusts or annuities). The Muon neutrino was discovered by IMSA co-founder Dr. Leon Lederman, for which he won a Nobel Prize.  The Muon is one of the longest lasting elements in the universe.  Appropriately, gifts from Muon Society donors, often for endowment, are some of the longest lasting.  To learn more about making a planned gift to a program or to the IMSA Fund endowment, or to notify us that you have already done so, please contact us at (630) 907-5040 or

While we carefully prepare the donor lists, we recognize that errors may have occurred. Please accept our apology if your name is not properly represented and contact us at (630) 907-5040 or so that our records can be corrected. Thank you!