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Professional Field Services

Professional Development Opportunities for Educators ... and Learning Opportunities for Illinois' Students!

Professional Field Services at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy serves educators, schools and districts through innovative educational programs and products and provides high quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs for Illinois students.

Why Does IMSA Have Professional Field Services?

Illinois is fortunate to be one of a handful of states in the U.S. to have an institution for advanced study in mathematics, science and technology, serving secondary school students in its residential program AND Illinois teachers and elementary and middle school students through Field Service programs.

Through work with IMSA students, staff and faculty, and our partnerships with preeminent scientific and educational institutions, we are able to unite the best knowledge of how people learn with input from the greatest minds in mathematics, science and technology. All this helps to make Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® a leader and exemplar in mathematics and science teaching and learning; we focus on enabling learners to acquire, generate, and use knowledge for the world.

But if all of this knowledge that we are acquiring about teaching and learning mathematics and science was not shared throughout Illinois and beyond, IMSA would not be satisfying its promise nor its possibilities for all teachers and students of our state. That is why Professional Field Services exists—to share instructional models and mathematics and science programs that inspire teachers and students and have practical applications for Illinois classrooms.

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