7.10.23 – Avantor Integrated Science Program | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

7.10.23 – Avantor Integrated Science Program

Last night students moved in and got settled in for a week of hands-on learning and exploration on IMSA’s campus in Aurora!! Today our scientists reviewed lab safety expectations and learned about the parts of a microscope (we’ll be using those a lot this week)!! They also did a polar liquids lab, during which they used a charged object (metal pole rubbed with fur to ‘charge it’ with static electricity) and tested the deflection of various liquids to determine if they were polar or nonpolar. Students also explored the miscibility (ability to mix) of various polar and non-polar substances. In another lab, students compared certain substances’ ability to dissolve or react. They observed and recorded what happened when various substances were combined. It was a STEM-filled day reviewing the content they studied during the two online weeks of the program coupled with new discoveries and applications.