OIR provides leadership and support for effective, meaningful, and manageable assessment of teaching and learning as well as provides access to timely, accurate and actionable information to institutional leaders, the IMSA community, and external organizations. We do this through designing and/or implementing a variety of assessment methods and tools to evaluate, measure, and document information related to a multiplicity of topics, including: students’ academic progress, engagement in learning, and well-being; teachers’ instruction and teaching practices; alumni outcomes; and staff feedback.

Examples of the assessments we develop and/or administer include:

The College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+)

This assessment measures student performance on critical-thinking and written-communication skills, such as analysis and problem solving, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical reading and evaluation, and critiquing an argument, in addition to writing mechanics and effectiveness. IMSA students take the CWRA+ three times during their time at IMSA: 1) fall of sophomore year; 2) winter of junior year; and 3) winter of senior year.

Challenge Success Student Survey

This survey was developed by Stanford University researchers and was designed to help schools make data-driven decisions that improve student well-being and engagement with learning. The survey is a 30-40 minute online survey that measures students’ perceptions of their academic engagement, connection to the school community, physical health and well-being, technology use, family norms, and how they use their time outside of school. IMSA students take this survey in February of each school year.

IMSA Student Course Survey

This survey was co-created by OIR and the Principal’s Office and is administered to students each semester. It is a means for enhancing teaching and learning by gathering direct information from IMSA students on their courses regarding the influence of curriculum and teaching practices in the learning process.

The survey provides feedback for three specific purposes:

  1. feedback on course content and structure to facilitate analysis of curriculum, assessment and instruction;
  2. reflection by students on their role and responsibility as learners; and
  3. feedback to teachers to enhance and improve their teaching practices.
IMSA Created Surveys and Forms

OIR partners with colleagues at IMSA and beyond to create surveys that help inform continuous improvement efforts and evidence-based decision-making. We use the Qualtrics Survey Platform for all surveys and many of the forms in use at IMSA (e.g. Impact & Outreach Form, Event Participation Form, Research Request Form, Student Course Surveys, Student Class Club 2020 Voting, etc.). Qualtrics provides the tools needed to allow users to build all kinds of surveys, feedback and polls, all on a secure platform. The platform allows users to collaborate with others and results can be viewed in downloadable reports.

You have choices! OIR will build the survey for you or you can build it yourself. If not already registered on the Qualtrics platform, we will get you started with a log in and provide any training you may need.

Contact us at oir@imsa.edu or complete the Research Assistance Request Form.