Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

IMSA PAC Leadership

PAC Executive Committee 2018-2019
Position Name Email 1 Email 2 Phone
President David Knutson 414-234-1726
Vice President Betheny Lyke 708-516-3987
Secretary Paula Steenstra 630-991-8270
Treasurer Angela Lim 847-909-7988


Committee Chairs 2018-2019
Position Name Email Phone
Academic Chair Mark Pickett 312-212-3096
Academic Co-chair Jay Venkataraghvan 309-265-6573
Academic Co-chair Wei Hao 309-750-2189
Student Life Chair Maria Gaffud 630-699-9098
Student Life Co-chair Ashun Gumpula 630-589-4633
Hospitality Chair Lana Means 708-612-3929
Friday Fest Chair Lana Means 708-612-3929
Friday Fest Co-chair Gabriella Lima 630-862-8993
Friday Fest Co-chair Bernadette Young 708-870-5173
Senior Banquet Chair Open  
Technology Chair Guilherme Lima 630-862-6913
Metro Regional
Bus Coordinator
Bus Coordinator


Regional Representatives 2017-2018
Region Zip codes starting with  Rep(s)  
1 610,611,612,613 Sophia Ramdass  
2 614,615,616,617 Min Li  
3 609,618,619,624 Mahesh Gubba  
4 623,625,626,627 Shaista Shaikh  
5 620,622,628,629 Shane McDonald  
6 600,603,607 Paul and Tracy Williams  
7 601 Lori Bolsinger and Poornima Narain  
8 604,608 Mamta Gandhi  
9 605 Georgina Martinez-Nunez  
10 602,606 Amy and Randy Rivera  


Note: Open cells in the table represent vacancies. If you are willing to serve as a regional representative or alternate, please contact the PAC president.