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Emeriti and Ambassadors

IMSA faculty, staff and Trustees are some of the most passionate teachers, mentors and proponents of STEM education and educators in Illinois and beyond. As recognition of their commitment to IMSA and the students, the Board of Trustees may bestow the Emerita/ Emeritus or Ambassador status upon honorable retirement. IMSA Emerita/Emeritus and Ambassadors are essential members of the IMSA community who continue to play a significant role in expanding its mission.

Faculty and executive educational administrators who have made significant contributions during their tenure with IMSA, both as educators and advocates of the Academy and its mission to “ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition” are honored with the Emerita/Emeritus designation. Their enthusiasm for education, the Academy and STEM is often seen in their extracurricular activities that support IMSA initiatives.

Trustee Emerita/Emeritus are Trustees who have shown consistent philanthropic support and worked tirelessly to guide and promote IMSA and its mission to advance the human condition over several Board terms. IMSA honors their contributions and direction with the designation of Trustee Emerita/Emeritus.

Staff and administrators who have demonstrated a passion for STEM, education and IMSA are recognized as Ambassadors.

IMSA Emeriti

IMSA Ambassadors

Dr. Leon Lederman

Honoring Dr. Leon Lederman

From the very beginning, Dr. Leon Lederman was IMSA’s biggest champion.

Similar to how a father feels for his own children, Dr. Lederman always had much love, affection and praise for IMSA, and high expectations for its faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Process and Nomination Form

The Board of Trustees awards the emeritus and ambassador designations. Please see policy BASTo nominate a past staff member or trustee,  please use the nomination form here.