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We can’t wait for Summer!

Because we know that summer STEM needs to be fun and engaging, we tap into each child’s natural desire to experiment and explore through hands-on activities that give them the opportunity to ask questions, make discoveries, and test those discoveries in the search for new understanding.  Our inquiry-based programs mirror the enterprise of doing real science.

There is a growing recognition that STEM educational experiences—particularly, when designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and persistence—lead to greater problem-solving skills and better equip young people for the world they will face after they leave formal schooling. With this in mind, Summer@IMSA activities frequently involve team-based, creative and iterative problem solving.

The curriculum for IMSA student enrichment programs are created and developed by IMSA curriculum writers. We keep things fresh every year by offering newly-developed programs along with returning favorites. Long before the first excited campers arrive, our Curriculum Development Team has designed each activity to stimulate young minds and provide them with engaging and challenging experiences.

Summer is prime time for us to extend the Academy’s mission of “igniting and nurturing creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition,” inviting not just IMSA students but young people from around the area and state to experience IMSA STEM. We are so excited to provide your child with new challenges and adventures. Come join us!

Please see the Summer@IMSA Program Information to familiarize yourself with our general summer policies, and to review the overview of our offerings and locations.
Visit the Summer@IMSA blog to view the learning, fun and adventure that took place in 2018!

Program Information

(Register your child for the grade they will be in in fall of 2019)

Aurora Day Programs – $350 (includes lunch)
Non-Aurora Day Programs – $295 (does not include lunch)
Residential Programs – $938


Contact Us

  • For questions on our Entrepreneurship and Maker programs, please contact IN2 at 630.907.5800 or email
  • For questions on all other programs listed here, please call IMSA Student Enrichment at 630.907.5987 or email