Mathematics/Computer Science Course Syllabi - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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Mathematics/Computer Science Course Syllabi



Course Name
AB Calculus I – Fall Davis, Patrick
BC Calculus I – Fall Krouse, Janice
Yen, Brent
BC Calculus I – Spring Brummet, Evan
Fogel, Micah
BC Calculus II – Fall Brummet, Evan
Meng, Lingyi
Yen, Brent
BC Calculus II – Spring Krouse, Janice
Yen, Brent
BC Calculus II/III McCutcheon, Matthew
BC Calculus III – Fall Meng, Lingyi
BC Calculus III – Spring Dowling, Julie
Meng, Lingyi
Yen, Brent
Differential Equations Davis, Patrick
Discrete Mathematics Dowling, Julie
Geometry I/II Krouse, Janice
Linear Algebra Brummet, Evan
Mathematical Investigations I/II – Fall Shirley, Marti
Mathematical Investigations I/II – Spring
Mathematical Investigations II – Fall Dowling, Julie
McCutcheon, Matthew
Trainor, Brian
Mathematical Investigations II – Spring McCutcheon, Matthew
Mathematical Investigations III – Fall Dowling, Julie
McCutcheon, Matthew
Mathematical Investigations III – Spring McCutcheon, Matthew
Meng, Lingyi
Mathematical Investigations IV – Fall Davis, Patrick
Fogel, Micah
Meng, Lingyi
Shirley, Marti
Mathematical Investigations IV – Spring Krouse, Janice
Shirley, Marti
Trainor, Brian
Modern Geometries Fogel, Micah
Multi-Variable Calculus – Fall Brummet, Evan
Multi-Variable Calculus – Spring
Number Theory Fogel, Micah
Statistical Exploration & Description – Fall Trainor, Brian
Statistical Experimentation & Inference – Spring
Theory of Analysis Fogel, Micah
Computer Science
Course Name Teacher
Advanced Programming
Advanced Programming Patankar, Phadmakar A
Advanced Wed Technologies – Spring Pandya, Namrata N
Computer Science Inquiry – Fall Patankar, Phadmakar A
Shirley, Marti
Computer Science Inquiry – Spring Meyer, Thomas S
Patankar, Phadmakar
Shirley, Marti
CS Seminar: Machine Learning Patankar, Phadmakar A
CS Seminar: UNIX/Linux Cybersecurity Pandya, Namrata N
Microcontroller Applications (CS) Meyer, Thomas S
Object Oriented Programming – Fall Meyer, Thomas S
Object Oriented Prgramming – Spring
Web Technologies – Fall Pandya, Namrata N