IMSA Internship Program

How is a business or organization structured or designed? How do you lead or manage a business project? What types of activities go into developing a business or product? How do you nurture business relationships, network and build a team? How do you develop your competitive advantage? How do you test a product and do market research? How can you market a product in the world effectively? These are some of the questions we explore in the Internship program. 

The IMSA Internship program connects high school juniors and seniors to real-world learning experiences with business professionals, nonprofits and entrepreneurial mentors to carry out an industry, business or product-focused research project. Our interns offer a fresh perspective on your business, strategies and plans and possess desired professional skills. Internship is a non-graduation requirement. IMSA Interns are unpaid and earn 1.0 semester credit hour upon completion.

Please NoteStudents may not participate in an SIR and Internship at the same time.

Program Cohorts

  • Cohort 1 – Academic Year – September thru April
  • Cohort 2 – Summer – June thru August

Want to learn more?

Check out our new Internship Program Brochure and 6 Steps to IMSA Internship Infographic