Students/Parents Things to Know


Student Activities

  • As we return to campus in August, Student Council will begin the club chartering process for the 2020-21 academic year. All clubs who are chartered will receive support while we are engaged in distance learning. 
  • Student clubs may access their student activities accounts if purchases need to be made by contacting their club advisor.  
  • Information regarding other programs across the Academy (ISP, Ambassadors, PME, SCS, SCIA, etc.) should contact that program’s advisor to learn more about what is happening with those programs. 
  • Plans for events that traditionally occur in the spring semester have not yet been determined as we are unsure of if and when we will be able to safely return to campus. When the time comes to assess information and make a decision, we will do so closer to the event date.

Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

  • Due to starting the year with distance learning, IMSA has cancelled all Fall Sports. We have contacted IHSA and students enrolled at IMSA are NOT allowed to participate in sports at any other school.
  • We will still offer many co-curricular (chess, scholastic bowl etc…) activities and students will be able to participate and compete with other schools in the state remotely. As we are not returning to campus in person this fall, there is not the appropriate staff structure to accommodate taking students to any type of physical competition. All activities must be done remotely and through virtual means.   
  • Co-Curricular clubs will have access to their student activities accounts through their advisor. All requests and purchases should be done through them. Shipping items to student’s homes may need to be discussed through the business office and our mail services.   
  • Information about athletics and co-curricular activities can also be found on the IMSA website and in the Handbook Addendum for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Service Learning

  • Students are required to have 200 hours of service learning, as a requirement of graduation. Up to fifty (50) hours of the 200 required hours may be completed out of the state/country.
  • For the 2021 graduating class, all approved and validated service learning hours during the 2020-2021 academic year will count towards the two hundred required for graduation. The requirement that a certain number of hours be internal or external has been suspended.
  • During this time of distance learning, we encourage students to research virtual service learning opportunities. Many are available and some suggestions will be listed on the service learning page of our website ( For students wanting to complete in-person service learning hours, we encourage students and parents to research these opportunities completely to ensure health and safety.
  • Staff approving service hours will return to work in August.
  • Hours volunteering as an IMSA campus tutor, including Excel, PROMISE and Peer Tutor, will count toward service learning hours (please note any application process that may be required).