Past Enrollment Event Recordings

2021-2022 Virtual Event Recordings

Please note that some of the dates and information shared in these sessions refer to last year’s admission cycle. For updated information, please make sure to sign up for an informational event, or check out our Dates and Deadlines page.

  • The VIP Series

    This series is designed to give prospective students and families a unique and tailored experience to learn about IMSA. Students can choose from a variety of in-person and virtual visit opportunities based on their interests in the Academy.

    Athletics and Co-Curriculars at IMSACollaboration and teamwork doesn’t just play a part in the classroom here at IMSA. Hear from Mr. Rick Palmer, Coordinator of Athletics and Co-Curriculars, about the opportunities for IMSA students to flex their competitive muscle and become leaders on and off the court in our variety of athletic and co-curricular offerings here at IMSA!Watch Recording
    Opportunities After IMSAThis virtual event features Ms. Julia Husen, Coordinator of College and Academic Counseling at IMSA. She discusses how course selection works at IMSA, and how IMSA prepares students for the college application process and beyond.Watch Recording
    Academics at IMSAThis virtual event highlights academics at IMSA. Our Keynote spearker, Dr. Dave DeVol is in his 28th year of teaching chemistry, and his 15th year at IMSA. In addition to teaching chemistry at IMSA, he is also one of the faculty members who manages the Student Inquiry and Research Program (SIR).Watch Recording
    A Conversation with IMSA's PresidentKick off the VIP series with a virtual conversation with IMSA’s new President, Dr. Evan M. Glazer. This event recording focuses on why our students choose IMSA, information on the application process, and a sneak peek of life on campus from our Student Ambassadors!Watch Recording

    Thursday Night Informational Sessions

    Two Thursdays a month, our Admissions Counselors will be hosting one hour events to focus on different aspects of IMSA.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ IMSA (Watch Recording)

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is the collective work of the Academy. Our mission is to create an equity focused culture that encourages and values the talents and contributions of all people and celebrates diversity across identity and circumstances. Learn more from three IMSA staff experts about the various ways this mission is implemented in every aspect of the Academy and prior to enrollment at IMSA.

    All About the Academy Virtual Series
    Life on CampusWhat is life at IMSA like after classes end? Learn about everything from Athletics to dances straight from our Student Ambassadors. There will also be a Q&A portion as well as guidance on the application process with an Admissions Counselor.Watch Recording
    Parent PanelHear from a panel of current IMSA parents. There will be an opportunity for prospective students and parents to ask questions in this panel-style event.Watch Recording
    Alumni PanelHear from a panel of current IMSA Alumni. There will be an opportunity for prospective students and parents to ask questions in this panel-style event.Watch Recording
    Acing the Application Virtual Series

    What Makes A Successful IMSA StudentWhat makes a great IMSA student? Learn about what makes a successful student at IMSA, and how prospective students can prepare for the application.Watch Recording
    Application Tips Part 1How do you gather your grades from the last two and a half years? What teachers need to complete the teacher evaluations? How long do the essays have to be? Get all of your application questions answered in this walkthrough with an Admissions Counselor.Watch Recording
    Application Tips Part 2Learn how to set up an account, and troubleshoot any technical issues you’re having with your application. This event is reserved for students applying during this year’s application cycle.Watch Recording