Alumni Award Recipients

Established in 2006, the IMSA Board of Trustees Alumni Awards are the highest honors bestowed to Alumni in recognition of their accomplishments and contributions to their field of endeavor, IMSA, and to the citizens of Illinois, our nation, and the world. We are able to host this program and bring our recipients to IMSA from around the world thanks to the generosity of The Cathy Veal Endowment for Recognition of Alumni.

Meet the 2024 Alumni Award Winners




Brian Cudiamat '96 Dr. Sara Goeking ‘92 Jessica Droste Yagan ’95
Brian Cudiamat ’96
Dr. Sarah Goeking ’92
Jessica Droste Yagan ’95


  1. The nominee is an alumnus/alumna. An alumnus/alumna is any person who was enrolled in IMSA’s residential program and has remained in attendance for at least two semesters.
  2. If selected as an award recipient, the nominee is able to attend the awards ceremony to accept the award.
  3. The achievements of the nominee fulfill the criteria defined in one of the following awards:
Trailblazer Award

The nominee shall have earned national or international prominence for a groundbreaking and sweeping initiative that has redefined and improved how significant numbers of citizens live, learn, or work.

Distinguished Leadership Award

The nominee shall have made distinguished achievements or leadership contributions in his/her professional field of endeavor consistent with IMSA’s mission. The awardee also may have made significant civic or community contributions or exemplified extraordinary courage and selflessness under challenging circumstances.

Titan Award

Through outstanding service to IMSA, the nominee has advanced the institution’s mission and work. The nominee shall have dedicated significant time, talent, and/or treasure to endeavors that help the Academy fulfill its role in developing talent and leadership in mathematics, science, and technology for our state, nation, and world.

Past Alumni Award Recipients

Award YearNameAward
2024Brian Cudiamat ’96Titan
2024Dr. Sarah Goeking ’92Distinguished Leadership
2024Jessica Droste Yagan ’95Trailblazer
2023Angel Alvarez '98Titan
2023Elizabeth “Spike” Malecha ‘90Distinguished Leadership
2022Robert M. Chang ‘89Titan
2022Jasmine Kwasa ‘09Titan
2022Joseph W. Turek ‘90Trailblazer
2021Jerome “Jay” Budzik ‘95Titan
2021Sona Nadenchek Golder ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2021Carl Earl Lambert Jr. ‘03Distinguished Leadership
2021Neha Narula ‘99Trailblazer
2021Michael Peil ‘90Distinguished Leadership
2020Rhiana Gunn-Wright ‘07Distinguished Leadership
2020Tamora Kimmet ‘91Titan
2020Amy Meek ‘98Distinguished Leadership
2019Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski ‘10Distinguished Leadership
2019Arati Shroff ‘98Distinguished Leadership
2019Lacey Thomas ‘08Titan
2019Anna Yusim ‘95Trailblazer
2018Princess Imoukhuede ‘98Distinguished Leadership
2018Aaron Parness ‘00Distinguished Leadership
2018Michael Damian Thomas ‘92Titan
2017Julie Comerford ‘98Distinguished Leadership
2017Vincent Enriquez ‘99Distinguished Leadership
2017Claudia Flores ‘93Trailblazer
2017Jessica Droste Yagan ‘95Titan
2015Gabriel Demombynes ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2015Michael Suh ‘97Titan
2014Melvin R. Bacani ‘90Titan
2014Steve Crutchfield ‘93Distinguished Leadership
2013B. Scott Gaudi Ph. D. ‘91Trailblazer
2013Gretchen E. Green ‘92Distinguished Leadership
2013Kathleen Plinkse ‘97Distinguished Leadership
2013Dwan LaMar Prude ‘97Titan
2012Alex (Dietrich) Green ‘97Distinguished Leadership
2012Amy (Timm) Kinney ‘95Titan
2012Winjie Tang Miao ‘94Distinguished Leadership
2012Sam Yagan ‘95Distinguished Leadership
2011Ronjon Paul ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2011Matthew Pritchard ‘93Distinguished Leadership
2011Clara Shih ‘00Distinguished Leadership
2011Frank Wood ‘92Distinguished Leadership
2010Dan Frakes ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2010Lillian S. Kao ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2010Mike McCool ‘91Titan
2010Travis Schedler ‘98Distinguished Leadership
2009Pooja K. Agarwal ‘01Titan
2009Thandeka K. Chapman ‘89Distinguished Leadership
2009Joshua A. Gerlick ‘99Titan
2009Sendhil Revuluri ‘90Titan
2009Rebecca Willett ‘96Distinguished Leadership
2008Steven S. Chen ‘96Trailblazer
2008Neal K. Groothius ‘97Titan
2008Sanza T. Kazadi ‘90Distinguished Leadership
2008Mia K. Markey Ph.D. ‘94Distinguished Leadership
2008Cpt. H. Kenyatta Ruffin ‘99Distinguished Leadership
2008Russel E. Simmons ‘95Trailblazer
2008Paul. J. Strasma ‘94Titan
2008Scott Swanson ‘90Distinguished Leadership
2007Michael H. Brody ‘96Titan
2007Ben Chelf ‘96Distinguished Leadership
2007Andrea (Ande) L. Croll ‘97Titan
2007B. Scott Gaudi Ph. D. ‘91Distinguished Leadership
2007John B. Hoesley ‘89Titan
2007Rob McCool ‘91Trailblazer
2007Ramez Naam ‘90Trailblazer
2007Yu Pan ‘95Trailblazer
2007Douglas A. Pratt ‘97Titan
2007Noah A. Rosenberg Ph. D. ‘91Distinguished Leadership
2007Tuwanda Williamson M.D. ‘91Distinguished Leadership
2007Terri L. Willard ‘89Distinguished Leadership