Journeys from IMSA

We’re proud of our Alumni that chose IMSA to be a part of their journey and found other Titans to accompany them on their way forward. Whether through continued collaboration with each other, starting businesses together, or even finding their significant others, these alumni embody the spirit we strive to encourage in all of our students, Titans Together!

From IMSA to Assembled

Assembled has its roots in IMSA’s values of independent inquiry and creativity. IMSA alumni have played an outsized role in building the company, representing two of three co founders—brothers John ’10 & Ryan Wang ’08—as well as early members of the team—Albert Ni ’07 (angel investor), Varun Munjeti ’13, Tara Parkman ’17, and Michael Zeng ’14.

From IMSA to Blue Titan Ventures

Blue Titan Ventures is an early stage venture capital syndicate formed to support high growth potential companies founded by IMSA alumni. Led by Robert Chang ’89 and other IMSA alumni and retirees, BTV will donate 50% of its proceeds to benefit IMSA. The syndicate is open to any accredited investor who believes innovation starts early and recognizes the strength of the IMSA alumni talent pool.