Policies – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


Below is a listing of several policies in the residence halls.  For a complete listing, please see the Student/Parent Handbook.


General safety and what is provided with housing. Roommate contracts and room condition cards. Room inspections and housekeeping responsibilities. Consolidation process.Housing selection and placement for the following year.

Study Hours

Study hours are a way to help sophomore students transition into living and learning in the IMSA community. These hours help students set-aside time to study, as well as help facilitate and further develop their time management skills. Sophomores will have mandatory study hours from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Students must be in their own room or in an area approved by the RC staff member on duty. Such areas include the IRC, a faculty office or a specified room for a study group. Students may rearrange (at the discretion of the RC) their study hours if there are conflicts with student activities (extra-curricular, clubs, IHSA sport, etc), but the 2 hours need to be completed between the hours of 3pm – 10pm on the same day. However, students may only rearrange the 8-9 study hour for clubs; they must still be present at 7pm check and do their 7pm-8pm study hour. After 1st quarter, ends, sophomores do not have required 7pm-9pm study hours on I-Days only. Sophomores instead are expected to complete homework assignments earlier in the day. After the second semester begins, Sophomore Class Club may request to the Director of Student Life and the Area Coordinators the ability for sophomores to be released from study hours for their second semester. If granted, sophomore students may request a form, which will need to be signed by the student’s RC and parents. Signing out of study hours is a privilege, not a right.

Any student experiencing academic difficulties or those having an established pattern of poor time management may be placed on an individualized study contract. All students should carefully plan their day in order to set aside quality study time.

Evening study hours are also available in the IRC for all students on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9pm. These hours are an additional resource for students and are to provide a structured time for them to work.

Sign Out and Sign In

One of the most important expectations at the Academy is that of off-campus sign outs.  While the Academy cannot guarantee knowledge of all students’ whereabouts at all times, regulations governing sign outs are designed to give the staff reasonable knowledge of a student’s location, and thus a way of reaching that student in case of an emergency.

It is expected that each student follow sign-out guidelines in an honest and thorough manner. During the morning and afternoon hours (7:30am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday), sign out is handled through the Attendance office.

Sign-out: All information is recorded on designated sign out sheets.  A Residential Life staff member’s permission is needed for sign-outs to destinations off campus.  In addition, the student will need the parent?s permission to sign out for destinations outside the Aurora area. Overnight permission must be given by one of the parents, legal guardians or other adults listed on the designated permission form on file in the hall office and in Student Life. It is highly recommended that the student plan ahead.  If a student makes last minute plans and is unable to reach his/her contact for permission, the student will not be approved to sign out.  (Parent permission is not needed for mandatory closings such as extended weekends and holidays, as long as the student is going home.  For other destinations, parent permission is required.)

Sign-In: Any time students have been off campus, they are expected to sign in immediately upon their return to campus.  If a student returns with a car to pick up other students, he/she may only stay a maximum of 15 minutes and must inform the RC on duty of his/her presence.  If a student brings a car on campus for an extended period of time without authorization, disciplinary action will be taken.


Intervisitation is defined as the visiting between male and female students in the residential areas of the Academy.  Routine intervisitation in the residence halls is limited to hall common areas only. Sophomores are not eligible for intervisitation first semester.

Students may request an intervisitation pass from staff members on duty.  If granted, this would allow the student the opportunity to host the specific student requested in his/her room for one hour.  The RC will only authorize such visitation to those students who have proved themselves trustworthy.  The Residential Life staff will specify the intervisitation time as long as the roommate does not object.  During the visitation the room door must remain completely open, both students must be visible by the doorway, and they must behave in an appropriate manner. Additional guidelines are posted in each residenhall office.  Expect the RC on duty to look in on the students from time to time.  Failure to follow any of the guidelines will result in disciplinary action.

Occasionally, a hall wing may have open house for a special activity.  This must be approved in advance and chaperoned by a staff member.

Approved Intervisitation hours are:

Monday – Thursday 3:00pm – 9:45pm
Friday 3:00pm -11:15pm
Saturday 10:00am -11:15pm
Sunday 10:00am –  9:45pm

Intervisitation Limits:

Monday-Thursday: Eligible students may request 1 intervisitation on their own room and no more than 2 intervisitations per day on campus.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Students may request up to 3 intervisitations per day, totaling no more than 2 hours a day in their own room per hall.  This can be one hour and 1 extension (2 hrs total) with the same person or it can be one hour and an hour extension (2 hrs total) with the same person and no more than one hour with someone else or it can be 3 separate intervisitations, no more than one hour per intervisitation (3 hrs total) with three different people.

Off-Campus Guests

Guests may be in the residence halls:

3:00pm – 9:45pm Monday-Thursday
3:00pm – 11:15pm Friday
10:00am – 11:15pm Saturday
10:00am – 9:45pm Sunday

All visitors must sign in at the office in the student’s residence hall.  Guests must be accompanied at all times by the IMSA student.  Visitors of the opposite sex are allowed in the student’s room or in single-sex wings/lounges under the rules of intervisitation.  An opposite-sex sibling, unaccompanied by a parent, may visit in the room, but the RC on duty still must be notified in advance. At all times, visitors are expected to observe school rules and guidelines. Students serving as hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests in the hall and elsewhere on campus.  For example, should a guest damage school property, and the Academy is unable to collect payment from him/her, the student having the guest will be billed accordingly.

Overnight Visitors

Students may have overnight visitors (Friday and Saturday only) provided the roommate agrees, and each student receives permission from the RC/HC.  Permission for off-campus overnight guests must be received by Thursday at 10pm.  Permission for on-campus overnight guests must be granted 2 hours prior to check, by 9:30pm, the day of the visit. Overnight guests cannot be over the age of twenty years or under the age of five years. Also, students serving as hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests while on campus.

To insure adequate supervision of students, the number of guests is limited by hall (no more than four guests per wing with a limit of two off-campus per wing). Any exceptions to this limit may be made by the RC. Overnight visitors are not allowed during the first three weeks of the school year or during the last two weeks before finals of each semester. Overnight visitors of the opposite sex must stay in the appropriate male or female hall. Guests with a vehicle must immediately surrender their keys to the on duty RC upon arrival to the Academy. The keys will be returned to the guest when he/she leaves for home. The Academy is not able to accommodate overnight stays by parents.

Overnight Permission Form must be filled out and returned to Student Life.